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Culture is coming On-Chain; Are You Ready to Remix Your World?

Culture Remix is an exclusive collective of digital tastemakers curating & remixing the culture of tomorrow

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Seamlessly navigate and engage with a fully integrated, blockchain-powered social shopping experience tailored for mobile users.

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Access a unique collection of limited-edition merchandise and digital assets, carefully selected from top fashion and lifestyle brands.

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Enjoy privileged entry to must-attend events and activations, offering unique experiences, product drops and networking opportunities that will leave your peers wondering when you got famous.

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Partner with iconic brands and artists to create exclusive products that resonate with your style and values.

Digital Identities for Tastemakers

Craft and showcase your unique digital persona with sophisticated tools designed for the modern influencer.

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Shop with confidence knowing every item is verified for authenticity through cutting-edge blockchain technology.


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Unveiling Culture Remix

Explore the fusion of art & tech with CULTURE REMIX, your guide to the new era of creative expression powered by technological innovation. Join the revolution and read our vision for the community we are creating here.

Join Us in reinventing Fashion & Streetwear

Farcaster & the Future of Social Commerce

Discover Farcaster's potential to revolutionize social commerce with a decentralized approach that prioritizes user control, privacy & brand engagement. Join us as we describe a new world of incentive alignment between brands & communities!

What Culture Remix is building pushes the fashion industry forward by reinvigorating the counter-culture element that was so foundational to its rise in popularity. We're happy for SAPIENZ to be the identity partner for the next generation of digital tastemakers.

Jeff Staple

Founder of Staple Pigeon

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New York Times

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